About Us

teeVillain and his twisted ways

I was not always the diabolical teeVillain that you see before you… Once I was just a regular person just like you, with an obsession for the finer things in life; stunning artwork and torture. Unfortunately for people like me and you, our society shuns such things, so it is no wonder I would end up doing what I do.

Deep within the swamps of Louisiana, in the dense muddy waters of no-man’s land, is where you will won’t find me and my horde of minions; it is here that we carry out our torturous experiments on the unmarred innocent.
With the help of brilliant Masterminds recruited from around the globe, we gather images of the greatest beauty and emblaze them upon our victims. These altered creations are then held for ransom for a mere twenty-four hours. Once that time is up, they meet their end, never to be seen here again.

The Masterminds

All across this planet in the back countries, cities, mountains, forests, jungles and deserts lie people just as twisted as you and I; these outcasts are the creators of epic splendor. It is with their devious ideas and creations that I torture the unmarred souls that fall victim to my passion. It is also with these Masterminds that I share in the spoils of glory.

The Minions

My minions consist of skilled artisans and craftsmen that I craftily lure to my lair with the promises of riches and fame. Once I finally have them in my clutches, I expose them to the blackness that lurks within the muddy bog and turn them into my indebted servants for eternity. Silly Maggots! Bwuah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!

The Devotees

This is you my friends. You are the loyal followers. You are the perverse ones that enjoy the same pleasures as I do.  You are the ones that encourage me to do what I do. You and many like you help fund my plot for world domination. Without you, none of this would be possible and in return for your loyalty, I offer you the chance to “rescue” these victims of mine and do with them as you please.

~ teeVillain