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Submit Your Design!
So, you fancy yourself somewhat of an artist, huh? I will be the judge of that! Submit your artwork to me, if you dare!
What We Want

I am looking for designs that showcase your artistic prowess. While I have always been partial to Villains, their nemeses are also acceptable, as hero tees are ideal for target practice here. Designs that reflect or satirize popular culture are generally, well, popular. Horror themed designs are almost obligatory; the scarier, the better. Cute and cuddly designs, ridiculously funny or clever designs, or a mélange of all those elements will undoubtedly catch my attention. Original non-parody artwork is always welcomed as well.

While profanity and nudity are not necessarily encouraged, if done in a tasteful manner they can be acceptable, and may just earn you a hat tip from the ol’ teeVillain himself.

What I will absolutely not tolerate is the submission of stolen or bootlegged artwork. I have my own dedicated chamber for such offenders, where they will be shackled and force-fed reruns of “Snookie & Jwoww” until their last breath.

What You Get

In addition to the prestige of being the mortar that adheres the building blocks of Global World Domination™, you will receive monetary compensation to the tune of 10% for each item sold. Details can be found in the FAQ section here.

Also note that by submitting to me, you retain all rights to your artwork. You are free to submit to my rival's sites, but we ask that you do not schedule the same design elsewhere to coincide with your print date here, as it may arouse suspicion with the SWP. (Secret World Police)

The artist will also receive a gift card/account credit for their own personal plots and/or conspiracies.

Designs are limited to a maximum of 6 colors. If you are particularly clever, you can often use the shirt color to squeeze an additional one in there, but be aware that we like to offer designs on a few different colored tees. Size should be no larger than 12.5" x 15.5". (30.5 cm x 39.4 cm)
Response Time:

Things can get pretty backed up around here, with the constant interrogations, torture, extortion, and Monster Truck Rallies, but I do try my best to have someone respond to all submissions within a fortnight. With the steady influx of submissions I receive, there is no guarantee your artwork will be selected. Please do not be discouraged if your submission has been declined. Often times my selections are a direct reflection of what is most relevant, currently trending, or are the infallible results of our patented Eenie Meanie™ selection system. I like to adhere to the age-old proverb: if at first you don’t succeed, cry, then try again!

Read our Terms Agreement here.

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