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What We Want

Designs, designs, designs!

We have an affinity for Villains (and their heroic counterparts on occasions) as well as all things evil, but you’re imagination is truly the limit. You can send us anything as long as it’s your own original creation.

Designs Can Be:

Artistic; Pop-Culture Inspired; Ridiculously Funny; Horrifyingly Scary; Cute & Cuddly; a mix of all… We are looking for work that is skillfully crafted and clever. Nudity is even acceptable if it is done in a tasteful way. Please – No raunchy penthouse forum fantasies.


Designs are limited to a maximum of 6 colors plus the color of the shirt and a size of 11×17(inches).

What you get:

Artist receive $1 for every shirt sold.

Plus you will receive two free shirts for your own personal use.

Response time:

We will try our hardest to inform you within two weeks as to whether or not we have selected your design to be featured on our site. We have been flooded with a staggering amount of submissions since the launch, so sometimes we may take a while to inform you if you have been declined. Please forgive us.

Read our Terms Agreement here.

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