Greetings, mortals!

It is I, teeVillain and I come to you bearing spoils, my steadfast devotees. It seems, a rogue minion thought it would be a hoot to steal my cursed cackle and immortalize it in the form of a cellular telephone ring, for their own personal use. I have since identified the culprit and dealt with them appropriately, along with confiscating their phone, as they will no longer have use for it. Now I offer this “ringtone” unto you, my fiendish followers. Simply download from the link and follow the instructions provided. May it be a beacon of evil in your happiest of days.

The Laugh

Download the .mp3 / Download the .m4r

Greetings, Mortal

Download the .mp3 / Download the .m4r

The Masterminds Theme Song

Download the .mp3 / Download the .m4r

Need Help Installing?

Check out these helpful articles I found on the interwebs.

iPhone Users

Samsung Users

Posted: September 17, 2017 / in: Free Treats / by: teeVillain