Contest: Show Me What You Goth!

They say that a book should never be judged by its cover, but often times the cover can be somewhat indicative of the contents within. Such can be said about many of you, my Loyal DevoTees. You are the nonconformists; the ones who not only like to stand out in the crowd, but be that around which the crowd gathers. You are the black sheep, the misfits and mavericks, and for that I am hosting a contest just for you, my fiends. No matter how those beneath you have labeled your fashion sense, all are invited to illuminate. Be you Goth, Metal, Insane Clown, or even Prim and Proper, now is the time to “Show Me What You Goth”.


  1. Head to your closet, dungeon, or whatever vessel houses your clothing and adorn yourself with your most precious teeVillain garment.
  2. Get yourself all gussied up, dressed to the teeth in all your lavish splendor as if you are preparing to paint the town bloody crimson.
  3. Capture your anomalous look with a photograph
  4. Post said photograph by one of the following means:
    Facebook – post the photo in the comment section of this post.
    Instagram – post the photo to your account with the hashtag #ShowMeWhatYouGoth
    Twitter…I do not know how to use Twitter


The most flamboyant fiend will be rewarded with 100,000 Dungeon Dollars ($100 value) to expand their collection of teeVillain Products for World Domination™.


11:59 PM (EST) September 30th 2017


On October 1st 2017, I will rifle through the entries and personally select 13 photographs worthy of my consideration. I will present them to my League of Dastardly Do-Badders, where the final selection will be chosen through TRIAL BY FIRE, if weather permits. Otherwise, votes will be cast and judgement shall be passed! The DevoTee who receives the most votes after the passing of 3 days will be crowned the victor. The winner will be announced on October 31st: Villain’s Christmas Day.

*Notes of Importance

• Members of my League of Dastardly Do-Badders WILL be eligible to compete, but voting for oneself is strictly forbidden. Such an abhorrent act will result in automatic disqualification, ejection from the League, and the forwarding of your email address to Columbia Record Club.
• In the result of two or more entries receiving the same number of votes, I shall sever the tie.
• Any rules not covered mean nothing and I reserve the right, at any time, to change the rules. I am teeVillain, and I do as I wish.

Now off with you! You will need all the time you can get to hone your personal presentation to perfection.

Posted: September 3, 2017 / in: A Villain’s Christmas Contests / by: teeVillain