Contest: Eclectic Collector

One man’s garbage is another’s gold, or so that hackneyed idiom seeks to profess. Material possessions we hold dear to ourselves resonate on a level only discerned by the bearer of such vendibles. This contest is an exercise in eccentricity; a pursuit to discover who amongst you has transcended the role of a casual gatherer of garments and evolved into what can only be exemplified as “The Eclectic Collector”.


  1. Head to your wardrobe, vault, or whatever receptacle houses your clothing and vestments and gather every teeVillain garment you and your family own.
  2. Stack them neatly in a pile (or several piles) and film yourself flipping through them. I do not expect everyone to be Fellini, but at least try to keep in focus.
  3. *Tags AND designs must both be visible for all t-shirts. Although, if you were foolish enough to attempt sneaking a non-teeVillain shirt in there, be advised – I WOULD KNOW.
  4. Video may be cut and edited, but any duplicate shirts you might have must be displayed in a single take.
  5. Post your Oscar-worthy video by one of the following means:
    Facebookpost the URL to your video in the comment section of this post.
    Instagram – post the video to your account with the hashtag #teeVillainCollection
    Twitter…I still do not know how to use Twitter




The most fanatical fiend will be rewarded with credit to your Fiend Fund to the tune of 100,000 Dungeon Dollars. ($100 value)

In addition, you will receive a t-shirt folder (NOT someone to fold your t-shirts) and two packs of vacuum-seal storage bags – a final resting place for all your non-teeVillain garments as you cull your collection, making room for more teeVillain Products for World Domination™.


11:59 PM (EST) October 28th, 2017


I will rummage through each and every masterpiece submitted and personally select the video by which I am most impressed. Entries will not be evaluated merely on the size of one’s collection, but also the manner in which it is presented, so creativity plays a pivotal role in my final decision. The winner will be announced on October 31st: Villain’s Christmas Day.

*Notes of Importance
Any rules not covered mean nothing and I reserve the right, at any time, to change the rules. I am teeVillain, and I do as I wish.

Now off with you! You will need time to arrange your arsenal and hone your film-making finesse.

Posted: September 24, 2017 / in: A Villain’s Christmas Contests / by: teeVillain