Contest: Eclectic Collector

September 24, 2017 / A Villain’s Christmas, Contests / teeVillain

One man’s garbage is another’s gold, or so that hackneyed idiom seeks to profess. Material possessions we hold dear to ourselves resonate on a level only discerned by the bearer of such vendibles. This contest is an exercise in eccentricity; …

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September 17, 2017 / Free Treats / teeVillain

Greetings, mortals! It is I, teeVillain and I come to you bearing spoils, my steadfast devotees. It seems, a rogue minion thought it would be a hoot to steal my cursed cackle and immortalize it in the form of a …

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Contest: Show Me Your “IT” Stubs

September 7, 2017 / A Villain’s Christmas, Contests / teeVillain

Greetings, my fiends. The premiere has arrived and I have readied a task for you. Take a photograph of yourself with not only your ticket stub from “IT” in hand, but also adorned with a teeVillain shirt. Post your photo …

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Contest: Show Me What You Goth!

September 3, 2017 / A Villain’s Christmas, Contests / teeVillain

They say that a book should never be judged by its cover, but often times the cover can be somewhat indicative of the contents within. Such can be said about many of you, my Loyal DevoTees. You are the nonconformists; …

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Countdown to a Villain’s Christmas 2017

September 1, 2017 / A Villain’s Christmas / teeVillain

Autumn is rearing its temperamental head and that special time of year draws closer with each passing dawn. Halloween is a yearlong festivity at teeVillain, but when the moon swallows the sunlight on the final day in October, A Villain’s …

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